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Connect Multiple TikTok Shop Stores With AfterShip Feed

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As a TikTok Shop merchant, you can have multiple TTS stores but require only one source of truth to manage orders. AfterShip Feed now supports connecting one eCommerce platform and multiple TTS stores as sales channels. You can sync different products and set different product, order, and fulfillment syncing rules for each sales channel. Correspondingly, orders from all sales channels will sync back to your e-commerce platform.

Steps to connect multi-TikTok Shops

On the AfterShip Feed homepage, kickstart your onboarding. A bar showcasing your progress will keep track of the steps needed to connect your store and TikTok Shop(s) successfully.

Step 1: Connect your eCommerce store

Select from the supported eCommerce platforms from which you want to import your products and sync them to TikTok or fulfill orders from TikTok Shop
Click Connect to connect your store with AfterShip Feed

Learn more on how to connect your store with AfterShip Feed

Step 2: Connect your TikTok Shop store

Connect your TikTok Shop store to sync products over from your eCommerce store
Once your eCommerce store and TikTok Shop store are connected, our system will run a currency check to verify if the currencies match between the two. If not, use the provided currency converter to set up the exchange rates to connect stores easily and align pricing data. Learn more on currency converter

Step 2.a: Add additional TikTok Shop stores

If you have additional TikTok Shop stores, you can start connecting them here.

Click + Connect more TikTok Shop stores and repeat the instructions you’ve followed connecting your first TikTok Shop store

Step 3: Configure sync settings

These settings help to ensure that products and orders can be synced between your eCommerce and TikTok Shop stores. You can configure other settings once you start using Feed.

Auto-link products: Enable or disable auto-link for all sales channels. This will automatically link products with the same SKU so orders can be fulfilled on your eCommerce platform.
Carrier mapping: Configure carrier mapping for each sales channel. Learn how to map carrier with this guide

Step 4: Access connected stores

Access the AfterShip Feed admin to find all successfully connected stores under the Connected stores section.

You can also see the connected eCommerce and TikTok Shop stores in the Apps section

You can also add eCommerce and additional TikTok Shop stores under this section

Only 1 eCommerce store can be added under one organization. If you want to connect a new store in the current AfterShip organization, you must disconnect the store that is currently connected or create a new organization. You can disconnect your store on AfterShip Feed's Apps page .

You can also delete the existing eCommerce store and TikTok Shop store(s) under this section

Additional configurations

Product center: View products imported from your eCommerce store and map them to your TikTok Shop categories, choose stores to list them on, and then sync them to TikTok Shop.

Learn more about product mapping

Product syncing: Once the category mapping is done for all your products, you can sync them to your TikTok Shop. They will be treated as new product listings after the syncing.

TikTok will review all synced products.
Once a product's status shows Active, customers can purchase it on your TikTok Shop.
Any updates to pricing and inventory you make on your eCommerce store will automatically sync to TikTok Shop. You can go to Settings and choose to sync additional product info updates.

Learn more about product syncing

Category templates: You can set up templates to automatically map products of particular eCommerce store categories to the corresponding/pre-defined TikTok Shop categories without going to the hassle of manually mapping every new product you add to your eCommerce platform and want to sync to your TikTok Shop.

Learn more about category templates

Manage orders: Easily sync your TikTok Shop orders to your eCommerce store under the Orders dashboard. Additionally, if any of your orders fail to sync, you can view detailed information regarding the reasons for the failure and instructions on how to rectify the issue.

Learn more about order management in AfterShip Feed

Channel settings: Manage all your channel-related settings like product sync, order sync, fulfillment sync, inventory sync, cancellation sync, and refund and return sync in one centralized place.

You can easily switch between your TikTok Shop stores to configure the settings for the sales channel you want.

Go to Settings > Channel settings
Switch between the tabs and configure settings based on your requirements

Sales channels settings: You can view the existing sales channels, add more sales channels, and delete the current ones under the sales channels settings.

Go to Settings > Sales channels
Click Add more TikTik Shop stores to add more TTS stores to your organization
Click Actions, then Delete to remove the current TTS store from your organization

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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