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Get Started With AfterShip Feed

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📢 What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we will discuss:

Preparation checklist prior to beginning
Category mapping
Product Syncing and linking
Order management


This help guide contains a few crucial details you need to know before beginning with AfterShip Feed and explains all the features to let you use our application hassle-free.

How does AfterShip Feed function?

AfterShip Feed provides product feed, syncing order, and Linking TikTok Shop's exiting products to your store's products features to merchants.

We only sync the product information obtained from your eCommerce platform stores to your TikTok Shop for more efficient product listing.
Information modified on TikTok Shop will not be synced to your eCommerce platform stores.
We support 9 eCommerce platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Amazon Seller Central, PrestaShop, TikTok Shop, and Wix.
You can link TikTok Shop's existing products to your eCommerce platform.
We will sync orders with your eCommerce platform stores when orders are placed from TikTok Shop. Orders created from your eCommerce platform stores will not be synced to your TikTok Shop.

Checklist to follow

Make sure you have a registered TikTok Shop account and completed the TikTok Shop onboarding process

We support TikTok Shop US, TikTok Shop UK, TikTok Shop Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong SAR
Data synchronization will stop if your eCommerce platform stores' currency differs from the currency you’ve set for your TikTok Shop

Set up your Delivery Areas and create Shipping Fees Templates (Optional) in your TikTok Shop

Set up areas where you deliver and define maximum order weight along with the max weight shipping fee if the order weight exceeds the maximum defined weight

Go to My Account > Account settings > Warehouse settings to set up your TikTok Shop’s pick-up and return warehouse locations

Configure AfterShip Feed settings

1. Create category mapping

First, before syncing your products, you should map the product category between your eCommerce platform stores and TikTok Shop with AfterShip Feed.

If you edit the categories in your eCommerce platform stores' admin, it would take 30 minutes to see the changes in our app.

Only one category can be selected for each product.

Is it possible to edit mapped categories?

Go to the Category mapping list page, where you’ll see how many products you’ve mapped so far

Select the category for which you want to make changes and then click Edit

Choose the product for which you want to change the category mapping and click Remove. Once done, choose the product again for a new category mapping

You won’t be able to change category mapping using our application if a product has already been synced to your TikTok Shop. However, you can change the product’s category from the TikTok Shop Seller Center, but it would cause failure in creating orders on your eCommerce platform stores.

Once the category mapping is done for all your products, you can sync them to your TikTok Shop. They will be treated as new product listings after the syncing.

Go to the Product syncing page (Only products with category mapping will be displayed)

Select the products and click Sync products

You can perform a bulk action by selecting all the SKUs of one product and syncing them in one go. Of course, you can choose specific SKUs if you only want to sell certain product variants on your TikTok Shop.

Use the Link Products feature if you have already uploaded products from TikTok Shop Seller Center and want to manage orders placed on your TikTok Shop through eCommerce platform stores. Find out more here.


If you already have a TikTok Shop with certain products and wish to sync the same products from your eCommerce platform stores, please delete your TikTok Shop products in advance to prevent duplicate product entries.

After syncing products to your TikTok Shop, you will see your products with either of the following statuses

Review failed
Active (We will tell you the reason why the review failed)

Once a product is synced to your TikTok Shop, it will be under review by default. You will also see the Reviewing status on your TikTok Shop Seller Center. The review time depends on the TikTok Shop platform's process.

3. Manage your orders

In AfterShip Feed Orders tab, you can easily keep track of all your orders. Additionally, if any of your orders fail to sync, you can view detailed information regarding the reasons for the failure and instructions for how to rectify the issue. This feature ensures that you stay informed about the status of all your TikTok Shop orders and are able to take appropriate actions in case of any errors or issues.



What should you do about the failed review status?

If any of your products got rejected by the TikTok Shop, we would show the Failed review status along with the reason. If you want to modify the product information to clear the review process, edit the product fields on TikTok Shop Seller Center.

Please note that editing product fields in our application won't make a difference, as your changes will not be updated to TikTok Shop. You'll need help to file a new review request for the rejected products.

What does each product status mean?

Check this table to learn about what statuses we show and their meaning:

StatusStatus description
Not syncedWhen a category mapping gets done for any product, it gets a “Not synced” status by default.
Failed to syncSynchronization fails when the required product field is missing or invalid. By updating the product field to the right value, you can fix the sync problem.
Under reviewWhen you sync a product to TikTok Shop, it gets reviewed by the platform. Until the status turns into “Live” on TikTok Shop, you can’t sell it.
Failed reviewThis status is shown for products rejected by the TikTok Shop platform. You can check the reason on your TikTok Shop Seller Center dashboard. In this case, you must modify the product description and submit it for listing again.
ActiveIt means the product is synced to TikTok Shop and can be purchased by buyers.
SyncedThe product is synced to TikTok Shop, but it has been unlisted. For example, the product status is deactivated, drafted, or deleted on the TikTok Shop dashboard.

What should I do after syncing my products?

When you sync a product from your eCommerce store, all the related product fields (e.g., product titles, images, description) get synced to the TikTok Shop.

We currently support a simple product description format, including copy plain text, images, and bullet points. However, rich formats like tables, ordered lists, etc., aren’t properly displayed on TikTok Shop. Thus, we suggest checking the product description after syncing your products to the TikTok Shop and making the required modifications.

We set a default value for some fields which BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, or Shopify platforms don’t support for successful product syncing

Upon successful product listing, two product fields: Price and Inventory, would be updated automatically whenever you make changes from your eCommerce platform admin. This will affect your TikTok Shop product in two ways:

If you change price and inventory from your TikTok Shop, the data would be overridden by changes you make in your eCommerce platform stores

If you modify product fields other than price and inventory, such as product name, images, etc., changes will not be updated to TikTok Shop automatically

It will take effect immediately if you change the product detail information, such as images, description, etc., on your TikTok Shop. The changes related to product detail information (other than price and inventory) from your eCommerce platform stores will not be updated to TikTok Shop's products.

When you change the product price and inventory on your Magento-2 store, it will take at most 15 minutes for changes to be applied to your TikTok Shop. For BigCommerce and WooCommerce, changes get updated immediately.

Please note that BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, and Shopify slowly update the inventory information. It means you might end up doing overselling.

What are the possible reasons for a failed order syncing?

There are situations when we fail to sync orders from TikTok Shop to your eCommerce platform stores. The most common reasons for failure are:

The ordered product has been deleted from your eCommerce platform
The required fields for the order syncing are either missing or invalid from TikTok Shop

What should I know for hassle-free order management?

If you change the price of your product on TikTok Shop without modifying the pricing on your eCommerce platform stores, orders can still be placed from TikTok Shop with the product price updated from your eCommerce platform stores.

1. Recognize your TikTok Shop orders

If a product within an order is not synced with our application, it won't be synced to your eCommerce platform. So, please do the product syncing properly.

After buyers pay for your synced products from the TikTok Shop, orders generated on your TikTok Shop Seller Center dashboard will be synced to your eCommerce platform.

The orders from TikTok Shop will have TikTok Shop labels in the note section of your store, and you’ll have to fulfill them according to eCommerce platform’s guidelines.

Due to some contrasting rules between TikTok Shop Seller Center and eCommerce platforms (BigCommerce, WooCommerce Magento-2, and Shopify), you may see a difference with respect to the item amount and tax calculation.

2. Fulfill orders correctly

You can ship your orders via the TikTok Shop or your eCommerce platform. The order status will be updated on TikTok Shop Seller Center and your eCommerce platform stores.

Before you fulfill orders, you need to check the placement time of the orders. TikTok Shop allows the shopper to cancel the orders within 1 hour without any reviews.
You may lose your package if the shopper cancels the order before you mark the order as shipped.

When fulfilling the order(s) through your eCommerce platform stores, enter the correct Shipping Carrier and Tracking Number details. This information will be automatically synced to your TikTok Shop order, and the tracking number should be in the shipping carrier’s format. Please note that only 11 designated partner couriers are supported by TikTok Shop and you will need to use only these carriers to ship orders by yourself. Here is the list of designated partner couriers:

Royal Mail - 24®tracked /48® tracked delivery method only
Amazon Logistics
Parcel Force
UK Mail
FedEx UK

If your preferred shipping carrier is unavailable on TikTok Shop, we will set the shipping carrier to Royal Mail by default to successfully sync the order status.

If the carrier names in your eCommerce platform differ from those on your TikTok Shop, please follow this guide to map the names, ensuring orders can be fulfilled correctly on TikTok.

When you choose to ship order(s) via TikTok Shop, our app helps you sync orders to your eCommerce platform. Orders shipped via TikTok Shop or with the Ready to Ship status will automatically be created on your eCommerce platform stores. Orders status will also be updated automatically if the status of your TikTok Shop orders changes.

Due to TikTok Shop's limitations, some order detail fields, such as customer email, shipping address, etc., will be hidden in your order detail section.

3. Handle cancellations, returns, and refunds properly

You can check cancellations, returns, and refund information from the homepage of our app, but these cannot be processed through eCommerce platform stores' admin. These will need to be handled via TikTok Shop Seller Center.

If you cancel orders through your eCommerce platform stores' admin, this will not automatically be updated on TikTok Shop. You also have to cancel orders on TikTok Shop.

If you cancel orders through your TikTok Shop, the order status will be updated automatically in the order section of your eCommerce platform stores. However, the status will remain the same if you handle a return or refund request through your TikTok Shop.

For any help, write to our chat support team at

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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