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Set Up Currency Converter

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The currency converter feature enables you to sync product prices between your e-commerce store and TikTok Shop, ensuring consistency and accuracy across different currencies.

As a merchant, if your store's default currency is HKD but TikTok Shop currency is USD, you can configure a currency conversion rate to connect stores easily, and align product prices between different stores.

This guide will walk you through configuring the currency converter, calculating product prices, and syncing them to TikTok Shop.

Set up currency converter

Once you have connected your eCommerce store and TikTok Shop with AfterShip Feed, our system verifies if your store currency matches your TikTok Shop currency. If they don’t, you’ll be alerted of the currency mismatch and consequently asked to set up the currency converter.

Below the Connect your TikTok Shop store section, the section to configure the currency conversion rate will appear

Set the conversion rate in the currency converter for all the TikTok Shop stores for which there is a mismatch. This rate determines how prices will be converted between currencies.

For example: Your Shopify store is connected to 2 TikTok Shop stores. Your Shopify store uses HKD, while one of your TTSs uses GBP and the other uses USD.

To align your store’s currency with that of your TikTok Shop stores, you can set up the conversion rate of both currencies.

Set the conversion rates by considering the reference given below. Calculate product prices and sync to TikTok Shop automatically.

For example:

Conversion rate: 0.1 GBP (£) is equal to 1 HKD

The price of a product on Shopify is HKD 15.99

As per the currency conversion rate, the price of the product on TikTok Shop would be: 15.99 x 0.1 = £ 1.60

If you wish to change the currency conversion rate, go to AfterShip Feed settings , and click Currency converter.

Set the rate as per your requirements, but make sure it is within the acceptable range and hit Save

The product prices will be calculated based on the new rate and synced to TikTok Shop automatically

Taking the above example, the price of the product on TikTok Shop will be recalculated = 15.99 x 0.15 = 2.39

The option of Currency converter will be visible under your AfterShip Feed settings when there is a mismatch between your eCommerce store and TikTok Shop store currencies, otherwise, the option will not appear.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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