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How to Add Correct Shipping Template in TikTok Shop

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Before AfterShip Feed (Feed For TikTok Shop) syncs your eCommerce platform's mapped product to TikTok Shop, it is required that you first set up shipping template, warehouse/pickup, and return locations in your TikTok Shop seller center admin. Without configuring these settings you won't be able to sync products from AfterShip Feed to TikTok Shop.

Warehouse location and shipping template are mandatory, irrespective of whether you've opted for Shipped by seller or Shipped by platform.

Set up pickup warehouse and return location

Go to My account > Account Settings > Warehouse Settings in your TikTok Shop Seller Center admin
Add a warehouse pickup address from where your orders will be shipped

If you are running a dropshipping business, you can add in the address of your 3PL logistics service provider to ship orders
Your TikTok Shop product inventory will also be synced with the configured warehouse location, if your orders are being processed via TikTok Shop

Move on to return warehouse and add the location address where the returns will come back
Once the pickup and return locations are added, the warehouse code for each will be automatically generated

Setup shipping templates

From your TikTok Shop Seller Center, Click Shipping > Shipping Template to go to the Shipping Template Page

From the Shipping Template Page, click Add New Template. Currently, only one freight template can be set.
Enter the fields in the template:

Template name: Customizable
Shipping from: Non-editable, your warehouse location
Shipping to: Non-editable
Excluded Areas: For those non-delivery areas, sellers can set "Excluded areas" and buyers in those cities cannot place orders
Delivery areas & shipping rules: Sellers can determine different shipping rates for different zones. Rates should cover 0-30kg at least
New region: Sellers can set up a new region group and determine its shipping rule
Unassigned Areas: These areas are not set as excluded areas or belong to any delivery areas. Sellers must assign these areas to a region


Each area must exist, and only exist in one region.
If an area was assigned to one region, then it cannot be selected in other regions. It can be selected unless it is removed from the previous region group.
If this area doesn't belong to any region, it will appear in the "Unassigned Areas:", and the seller must assign it to a region.
After completing the shipping template, please click Submit.

NOTE: Your weight range must be set to up to 30 kg, or you won’t be able to save the changes you’ve made in your shipping profile.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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