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Create Category Templates to Auto-Map Products

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AfterShip Feed’s Product Mapping feature allows you to organize your product listings across your eCommerce platform and TikTok Shop. When your eCommerce platform is connected to AfterShip Feed and products are imported to the app admin, you are required to first manually map your existing store products individually or in bulk to the TikTok Shop categories before you can sync them to TikTok Shop for sale.

With the inclusion of Category templates, you can now set up templates to automatically map products of particular Shopify categories to the corresponding/pre-defined TikTok Shop categories without going to the hassle of manually mapping every new product you add to your eCommerce platform and want to sync to your TikTok Shop.

How is it beneficial to you?

Category Template is a great function for merchants who have a large volume of products, a considerably small number of product categories, and frequently launch new products. This will ensure their newly launched products are timely mapped and synced to their TikTok Shop without manual intervention.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Set up category templates
Select products for mapping
Map product attributes
Complete template information
Additional functions

Set up category templates

Go to Category template in the AfterShip Feed admin
Click Create template. Fill in the following details to successfully create a template

Template creation portal

1. Select products

In this section, you are required to select products you want to auto-map with the TikTok Shop category selected in the previous step. All your existing and new products will be auto-mapped to TikTok Shop once the template is live.

Template name: Enter a unique template name that helps you understand the content of the template. We recommend keeping the same name as the TikTok category you will link this template with

Template name

Select products

Select products

Choose All products if you want AfterShip Feed to map all products from the eCommerce platform
Choose Products in the specified categories to only map products in that category(ies) to be mapped
Select the eCommerce platform category(ies) from the dropdown list or search by name
Click Add to specify categories

Select category

Exclude products based on pre-defined conditions

You can choose to exclude products when they all match All conditions or Any condition defined by you

The following conditions are currently available in AfterShip Feed to exclude products from mapping

Exclude products conditions
Tags configuration on eCommerce platform

a. Product type: Input product types as defined in your eCommerce platform
b. Product tag: Input product tags as specified in your eCommerce platform
c. Product vendor: Input product vendor as specified in your eCommerce platform
d. Product name: Input certain phrases, words, or keywords that are present in your eCommerce platform’s product titles

The aforementioned conditions are applied based on the triggers defined for them like is, is not, contains, does not contain, starts with, and ends with

Trigger logics

2. Product attributes mapping

Ecommerce platforms require you to fill in relevant and considerable amount of information about the products you are selling, known as product attributes to give customers a better understanding of the products they are about to purchase and if they should be vary of any health hazards associated with them.

When mapping and listing these products on TikTok Shop, it would be convenient for merchants to auto-map existing product attributes to the corresponding product attributes on TikTok Shop. This will also ensure consistence information across both platforms.

To map product attributes of the products in a particular category to the corresponding products in a TikTok Shop category, follow the steps below.

Each TikTok Shop category has a specific set of attributes that need to be filled to successfully sync and list products on TikTok Shop. All the required TikTok Shop attributes will be by default, listed there.

Product attributes mapping

You have the option to

1. Select {{eCommerce platform}} attribute: You need to select the attribute name in your eCommerce platform to match the TikTok Shop attribute.

For example,: The TikTok Shop attribute is Country Of Origin, you need to select the attribute name in your eCommerce platform that represents Country Of Origin, say Country, and the system will automatically pick up the corresponding value in the Country field from your eCommerce platform and map it with the TikTok Shop Country Of Origin attribute.

2. Set custom value: This option allows you to set a specific attribute value to map to the TikTok Shop attributes for all the products in that template.

Custom value configuration

For example: The TikTok Shop attribute is Country Of Origin, the list of all the Countries from which your eCommerce platform products originate will be listed in the dropdown. Select the Country that you want mapped for each product in that template to the corresponding TikTok product.

Once the settings are configured, you can preview the existing products from your eCommerce platforms which are included in this template and we will be mapped to your TikTok Shop.

Hit Next

3. Template info

Sales channel: If you have multiple TikTok Shop stores connected, select the store where products in this template will be sold.

TikTok Shop category: Select the TikTok category to which the products in this template will be automatically mapped. Search by name or select the category from the dropdown list.

TikTok Shop category selection

You can select only 1 category for each template

Brand(Optional): If you want the products being mapped to fall under a specific brand name, you can do that here.

Brand selection

Shipping settings: As part of their Listing Optimization guidelines, TikTok Shop requires you to add detailed information about your products when adding or syncing products to TikTok Shop. This includes adding accurate shipping weight (package weight plus wrapping, packaging, and boxing) and package dimensions irrespective of whether you’ve opted for Shipped by Seller, Shipped via Platform, or Fulfilled by TikTok Shop shipping method.

Shipping settings

a. You can opt to sync shipping weight and package dimensions from your eCommerce platform when mapping products,
b. Configure fallback settings in the absence of shipping weight and package dimensions in the eCommerce platform or when it doesn’t meet TikTok Shop’s requirements
c. Input fixed dimensions that will be applied to the products being mapped. This is particularly helpful when your eCommerce platform doesn’t support weight and dimensions

Configure the shipping settings based on your needs

Products in this template: Define the auto-map and sync settings of the products included in this template.

a. Select Map but do not sync if you want to manually sync products after they are auto-mapped to TikTok Shop.

b. Select Map and sync to TikTok Shop automatically if you want products to be automatically synced to TikTok Shop after they are synced. The products will automatically become active on TikTok Shop after being reviewed.

Define product auto-mapping and syncing

Click Save to save the template

Once you have saved the template, every new product you add to the eCommerce platform category specified in this template will be automatically mapped to the TikTok Shop category selected in the template.

Additional functions

All the category templates will appear on the category templates dashboard with additional functions.

Category templates dashboard

Disable the template when you don't have products waiting to be synced
Click the {...} icon to open the list of actions you can take once the template is created

View included products: To check all the products that are included in this template
Run check now: To manually trigger the template for product mapping. You can check the date and time when the template was last checked for updates.

Templates automatically update every 30 minutes

You can go to Product syncing section to see if the eligible products are mapped
The mapped products would appear under the Imported from {{eCommerce platform}}, ready to be synced

Product sync dashboard

Edit: To do any necessary changes
Duplicate: To make a duplicate copy of the template. This is particularly useful when you want to keep the general settings of all your templates the same but would like to include different product categories
Delete: To delete the template permanently

Supported plans

1. 14-day free trial

14-day free trial users can create only 1 template, after which the template will be disabled, if not upgraded to a paid plan.

2. Essentials plan

Essentials plan users can create a maximum of 10 templates
All templates will automatically be disabled if a customer downgrades their plan or if the subscription expires.

3. Pro and Enterprise plan

Pro and Enterprise plan users can create unlimited templates.
All templates will be automatically disabled if a customer downgrades their plan or if the subscription expires.

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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