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Why My Product Review Failed

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After syncing your store products to AfterShip Feed, you can sync and get them on your TikTok Shop seller center too.

All the products successfully synced to TikTok Shop seller center are first placed under the Suspended > Reviewing status. It means the TikTok Shop team is reviewing your products to see if they meet the TikTok Shop policies and guidelines.

All the suspended products can be viewed under

Products > Manage Products > Suspended > Reviewing


The is no definite time period by which TikTok shop will review your products. You can go to the TikTok Shop help center if you feel it is taking too long for them to review products

Failed product review

The products that fail the review, will be listed under the Failed tab on TikTok Shop seller center. TikTok offers detailed suggestions and reason why your product review failed

On the AfterShip Feed admin, a Failed review tag will appear for products that couldn't be synced till the time they pass the review

You can hover your mouse over the reason for the failed review, and it will display a hyperlink to jump to the TikTok Shop product editing page. Follow the instructions on the page to modify the product information accordingly.

Fix failed product review

To fix the issue

Go to your TikTok Shop seller center

Products > Manage Products > Suspended > Failed

Alongside each product that failed review you will se the reasons or warning messages under the Unapproved product listing tab. (* On the AfterShip Feed admin, you can see the failed reason in the Product syncing section )

Click Edit to fix the issues or update the field values directly on the product editing page. You will find the reason for product review failure in the sidebox or as a warning message.


You can fix the issues or update the field values directly on the product editing page

Reach out to the TikTok Shop support team if you have questions about the errors. Just create an ticket on the TikTok Shop seller center:

If the product is reviewed with success, your product is ready for sale. Also, AfterShip Feed has started to sync the price and stock of the product.

Top 1 review failed "Redirecting Traffic."

Content created or uploaded onto TikTok Shop must not redirect traffic. Content is considered to redirect traffic when the creator explicitly or implicitly includes links, references, or other 'calls to action' that encourages users to leave the TikTok Shop or directs them to other platforms.

Note: "Content" may be in various formats, including e-commerce shop windows, videos, and livestreams. The content included in cover pages, titles, hyperlinks, anchor links, descriptions and other features are also subject to TikTok Shop policies.

The following are examples of redirecting traffic:
The product images contain hyperlinked information.
'Type your email/address below'
'Scan this QR code to connect'
'Go to the Facebook page for purchase'
'Add me on WhatsApp to order'
'Follow X on Instagram'
An email or phone number in the bio with explicit or implicit sale indication

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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