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What Fields Will Be Auto-Updated After Syncing Products to TikTok Shop

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When you sync a product to your TikTok Shop after category mapping, certain product fields like product titles, images, and description get synced from your eCommerce store to the TikTok Shop.

AfterShip Feed currently supports a simple format for product descriptions. Therefore, we only fetch plain text, images, and bullet points and sync them to TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop does not support complex formats like table, ordered list, etc. Thus, we suggest reviewing the product descriptions after your products are synced to TikTok Shop and do the modifications, so required

For platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, or Shopify platforms we set default values for some fields they don’t support, to successfully sync products to TikTok Shop

What products fields are auto-updated to TikTok Shop after sync?

Once a product is successfully uploaded on TikTok Shop Seller Center after review, only two product fields — Price and Inventory — would be updated automatically whenever you make changes to them on your eCommerce platform.

This will affect your TikTok Shop product in two ways:

If you change price and inventory on your TikTok Shop, the data would be overridden by the changes you make in your eCommerce platform store. This means, there won't be any use of changing price and inventory information on TikTok Shop, provided if you want that information to only reflect on TikTok Shop and not for eCommerce store.

Prerequisite: Your eCommerce platform SKUs must be linked with your TikTok Shop SKUs to auto-sync product price and inventory.

If you modify product fields other than price and inventory, such as product title, images, description, etc., the changes would not be updated to TikTok Shop automatically, unless you have enabled the Auto-sync product details. You have to enable auto-sync product details.

Enable auto-sync product detail

Go to Settings in the AfterShip Feed admin
Shift the toggle to the right to enable Auto-sync product detail
Set a default brand that will be applied to certain products so they can be synced to TikTok Shop

Once enabled, automatically sync any changes to product titles, descriptions, product images, variants and images you make on E-commerce to TikTok Shop

Prerequisite: Your TikTok Shop products must be synced from e-commerce platform by AfterShip Feed

Additional information

Once the product details of your eCommerce is synchronized to TikTok, it will trigger TikTok review mechanism and there is a possibility of the product failing the review.
When you change the product price and inventory on your Magento-2 store, it will take at most 15 minutes for the changes to sync and displayed on your TikTok Shop.
For platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify, changes get synced in real-time.
Delayed inventory update may lead to overselling. In order to minimize the risk of overselling, it is recommended that you pay attention to the inventory tracking on your eCommerce platform.

Updated on: 18/02/2024

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