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FAQs Related to Product Deletion on TikTok Shop

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In the dynamic world of eCommerce, managing your product listings is crucial. However, you might encounter a situation where you delete a product on TikTok Shop, but it continues to appear in your Feed. This article delves into the frequently asked questions regarding product deletion on TikTok Shop and provides clear answers to help you navigate through this common challenge.

Q1 - Why does a deleted product on TikTok Shop still appear in Feed?

Ans: When you delete a product in the TikTok Seller Center, the Feed system may not immediately detect this action. TikTok's current processes do not synchronize the status of deleted products with us. However, rest assured that we are actively addressing this issue in collaboration with TikTok, striving to resolve it as soon as possible.

Q2 - How can I re-publish a deleted product on TikTok Shop?

Ans: To republish a previously deleted product on TikTok Shop, kindly contact us. We will reset the product in Feed, enabling you to remap and resynchronize your product with TikTok Shop.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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