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Create Category Templates to Auto-Map Amazon Products

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AfterShip Feed’s Category Template is an excellent function for merchants who have a large volume of products, a considerably small number of product categories, and frequently launch new products to automatically map products of particular Amazon categories to the corresponding/ pre-defined TikTok Shop categories without going to the hassle of manually mapping every new product you add to your eCommerce platform. This will ensure their newly launched products are timely mapped and synced to their TikTok Shop without manual intervention.

Set up category templates

Find the complete process of setting up category templates for your Amazon store in this tutorial .

There is an additional functionality to auto-map attributes for your Amazon products to TikTok Shop.

Product attributes mapping

Amazon marketplace requires you to fill in a relevant and considerable amount of information about the products you are selling, known as product attributes to give customers a better understanding of the products they are about to purchase and if they should be vary of any health hazards associated with them.

When mapping and listing products on TikTok Shop, it would be more convenient for merchants if they can auto-map existing Amazon product attributes to the corresponding product attributes on TikTok Shop, instead of filling in those attributes manually. This will also ensure consistence information across both platforms.

To auto-map attributes of the products in a particular Amazon category to the corresponding products in a TikTok Shop category through AfterShip Feed, follow the steps below.

Each TikTok Shop category has a specific set of attributes that need to be filled to successfully sync and list products on TikTok Shop. All the required TikTok Shop attributes will be by default, listed there.

You have the option to

1. Use recommended attributes: For the required TikTok Shop attributes, the AfterShip Feed algorithm will automatically recommend the corresponding Amazon attributes, pull the attribute values from Amazon, and fill the value into the TikTok Shop attribute field.

For example, For the TikTok Shop attribute Country of Origin, the AfterShip Feed will automatically recommend Amazon attribute Country and fetch the corresponding value Amazon and add it to TikTok Shop when syncing products.

If the AfterShip Feed algorithm does not find an attribute to recommend or you think the recommended attribute is inappropriate, you can choose from the other two methods to map product attributes from your Amazon store to the TikTok Shop.

2. Select Amazon attribute: You need to select the attribute name in your Amazon store to match the TikTok Shop attribute.

For example: The TikTok Shop attribute is Country of Origin, you need to select the attribute name in your eCommerce platform that represents Country of Origin, say Country and the system will automatically pick up the corresponding value in the Country field from your Amazon store and map it to the TikTok Shop Country of Origin attribute.

3. Set custom value: This option allows you to set a specific attribute value to map to the TikTok Shop attributes for all the products in that template.

For example: The TikTok Shop attribute is Country Of Origin, the list of all the Countries from which your Amazon store products originate will be listed in the dropdown. Select the Country that you want mapped for each product in that template to the corresponding TikTok product.

Supported plans

1. 14-day free trial

14-day free trial users can create only 1 template, after which the template will be disabled, if not upgraded to a paid plan

2. Essentials plan

Essentials plan users can create a maximum of 10 templates
All templates will automatically be disabled if a customer downgrades their plan or if the subscription expires

3. Pro and Enterprise plan

Pro and Enterprise plan users can create unlimited templates
All templates will be automatically disabled if a customer downgrades their plan or if the subscription expires

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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