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How to Map Products on Your eCommerce Platform

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In this tutorial, we will discuss:

How to map products on Shopify
How to map products on a non-Shopify eCommerce platform

Map products on Shopify

If your store is on Shopify, you need to make the following settings on the Shopify product page before you can map your products.

Log into your Shopify admin account
Navigate to Products > Pick a product of your choice
Change the Product Status to Active
Add "Online Store" and "AfterShip Feed for TikTok Shop" to Sales channel and apps (both are required)


If you deactivate a product on the Shopify online store, the synced product will be deactivated on TikTok Shop automatically.
If you switch the Shopify product from Activate to Draft/Archived, the synced product on TikTok will be deactivated automatically. It will reactivate as soon as you activate the product on Shopify.
If you want to publish your product only on TikTok Shop and not on Shopify's online store, please contact us via

Map products on a non-Shopify eCommerce platform

After installing AfterShip Feed for the first time, the system will continuously synchronize the platform's products and product categories to Feed. Typically, this process takes approximately an hour, but the exact duration depends on the number of products you have. You can view the synchronized products on the Category mapping page.

Only products that are not linked to items on your TikTok Shop can be mapped. If you've already synchronized a product with your TTS store or linked it to a product in your TikTok Shop, you won't find it on the "Category mapping" page.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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