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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Integration

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AfterShip Feed enables you to list your Amazon products on TikTok Shop and seamlessly fulfill orders using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) by syncing orders to Amazon. This integration automates the process by generating fulfillment orders on Amazon when an order is placed on TikTok Shop. Once the Amazon FBA fulfillment order has tracking information, it will automatically fulfill the corresponding TikTok Shop order.


Before using the TikTok Shop and Amazon FBA integration, it's important to keep note of certain limitations.

1. Amazon UK and US compatibility

This integration fully supports Amazon sellers from both the United Kingdom and the United States.

2. Orders and product syncing

AfterShip Feed supports both FBA and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) product syncing to your TikTok Shop
AfterShip Feed for TikTok Shop and Amazon FBA Integration only supports syncing orders that contain Amazon FBA products only
AfterShip Feed will block the orders that contain FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) products. The merchants have to manually fulfill FBM orders on the TikTok Seller Center

Please ensure that your products meet the necessary eligibility criteria set by Amazon for order fulfillment through their platform.

3. Understanding order status sync

The integration only syncs TikTok Shop orders with Awaiting shipment status to Amazon and subsequently a fulfillment order will be created on Amazon

4. TikTok shipping option should be Shipped by Seller

AfterShip Feed with only sync orders with Shipped by Seller also called Seller shipping shipping option on TikTok shop. If you encounter syncing TikTok orders to Amazon, it could be due to the shipping option not being as Shipped by Seller. You can modify the shipping option on TikTok Shop to resolve this issue.

How to use AfterShip Feed for TikTok Shop and Amazon FBA Integration

Step 1: Install AfterShip Feed for Amazon

Go to Apps and Services in your TikTok Shop Seller Center admin
Click on App and Service Store
Search for AfterShip Feed for Amazon and Install the service

Select the TikTok store, set the authorization duration, input the contact email, and phone number (optional). Select the confirmation checkbox and click Confirm to install


Connect TikTok Shop to Amazon on AfterShip Feed admin by directly connecting your Amazon store while setting up the AfterShip Feed account.

Step 2: Sync Amazon products to TikTok Shop

Once your Amazon Seller account is connected to AfterShip Feed, it’s time to sync and map your products to TikTok Shop via AfterShip Feed.

For more information on product syncing and mapping, check out this [help guide](

Step 3: Sync orders and manage fulfillment

Once your Amazon (FBA) products are synced to TikTok Shop (Shipped by Seller), any FBA orders placed on TikTok Shop will be synced to Amazon via AfterShip Feed

If order synchronization fails due to unexpected reasons, we kindly advise you to check the AfterShip Feed Order Center for detailed reasons and follow the instructions to resolve the mentioned issue to protect your revenue and fulfill your TikTok orders successfully.

A fulfillment order along with the tracking number and shipping service will be created in Amazon
AfterShip Feed will sync the order fulfillment details to TikTok Shop

Step 4: Track Amazon fulfillment order status

You can conveniently check the status of your fulfillment orders on Amazon. Simply access your Amazon Seller Central account and navigate to Manage order > Search order ID.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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