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How does AfterShip Feed work

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1. If you ship the package by yourself

ship the packages by yourself

You can use your WMS system or shipment plugins to fulfill the TikTok Shop orders as usual.

Unfortunately, your WMS / shipment plugins sometimes can’t work well on this step. For example, Your WMS / shipment plugins miss the orders or don’t share the tracking number with AfterShip Feed.

This is not an AfterShip Feed problem! You need to update the WMS/shipment plugins’ settings, to allow the orders AfterShip Feed created to go through them.

After AfterShip Feed syncs the tracking number to TikTok Shop, TikTok Shop tracks the package’s state by itself. That says AfterShip Feed can’t control the status, for example, AfterShip Feed can’t mark the order as delivered.

2. If you ship the package via the TikTok Shop platform

ship the packages via the platform

As you know, in this scenario, you have to handle the labels in two places, one is TikTok Shop seller center, and one is your third-party shipment plugin like Shipstation or Click & Drop.

If you want to handle all labels in one place, we also have a solution for you: AfterShip Shipping!
AfterShip Shipping is a plugin that helps you create labels for the website's orders, also the TikTok Shop orders. That says you can print the labels on AfterShip Shipping even the labels are created by TikTok Shop.

The workflow looks like below. Please contact us if you are interested in it!

print labels via AfterShip Shipping

3. What will happen if the buyer submits a cancellation request on TikTok Shop?

This feature is now available in grayscale,if you are interested in it, please contact us!
buyer submit a cancellation request on TikTok Shop

The held orders will look like below.

Held orders

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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