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Demo Videos


Part 1 Before You Start 00:00s - 00:13s

Part 2 Basic Setting 00:13s - 02:03s

Part 3 Syncing products 02:03s - 07:47s

Part 4 Syncing the orders and fulfillments 07:48s - 16:22s

Part 5 Frequently Asked 16:22s - 16:28s

Part 6 Contact us 16:28s - 16:36s


Step 1 Connect Magento store and TikTok Shop store 00:00s - 02:53s

Step 2 Add products to a category and sync them 02:53s - 03:54s

Step 3 Order & Tracking number sync 03:54s - 04:57s

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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