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Learn More About AfterShip Feed Product Statuses

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Checkout this table to learn more about what statuses AfterShip Feed show while syncing products to TikTok Shop and what exactly do they mean.

StatusStatus description
Not syncedWhen category mapping is done for any product, it shows Not synced status by default.
Failed to syncSynchronization fails when the required product field(s) is missing or invalid. Update the product field to the right value to fix the sync problem.
Under reviewWhen you sync a product to TikTok Shop, it is reviewed by the platform. Until the status updates to Live on TikTok Shop, you can’t sell it.
Failed reviewThis status is shown for products rejected by the TikTok Shop platform. You can check the reason on your TikTok Shop Seller Center dashboard. In this case, you need to modify the product description and submit it for listing again.
ActiveIt means the product is synced to TikTok Shop and you can sell them to buyers.
SyncedThe product is synced to TikTok Shop, but it has been unlisted. For example, the product status is deactivated, drafted, or deleted on the TikTok Shop dashboard.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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