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What Are the Possible Reasons for a Failed Order Syncing

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There are situations when we fail to sync orders from TikTok Shop to your eCommerce platform stores. The most common reasons for failure are:

You haven't linked the TikTok products with a website's product in AfterShip Feed admin
The ordered product has been deleted from your website
AfterShip Feed misses the required fields of your website
Your products are out of stock
Your website have some things wrong

How to track the issue if my orders not go through website?

You can track all TikTok orders in the "Orders" tab.

As the screenshot shows, it will tell you the reason why the order doesn't go through your website. After you resolve the issue, just need to click "Sync" to trigger AfterShip Fed sync your orders again.

Details regarding the reason

AfterShip Feed misses the required fields of your website

For example, I have a BigCommerce store, and I add a option named "Subscription" to my products.
It is Required.

However, TikTok Shop lacks this option, causing all orders from TikTok Shop to be missing the value. AfterShip Feed needs to set the option as null when syncing the order with my BigCommerce shop. Consequently, this operation fails as the option is compulsory.

You can set the option as Optional to resolve the problem.

Set option as optional

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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