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Can I specify a warehouse location in Shopify for my TikTok store?

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This tutorial will help you understand how the inventory sync works from Shopify to TikTok Shop and if we can select specific warehouse locations for TikTok Shop.

This involves two cases

a. When the order is created on Shopify
b. When the order is created on TikTok but synced to Shopify via AfterShip Feed

AfterShip Feed's Inventory sync feature allows you to set up

Available inventory quantity display
Inventory threshold before the product shows out-of-stock
Specify warehouse location(s) to sync inventory from: specific location or all locations

Result: Once the inventory sync is enabled, the orders created on Shopify store or synced from TikTok Shop to Shopify, AfterShip Feed will automatically trigger inventory synchronization from the specified Shopify location to the default TikTok Shop warehouse/pickup location.

Consequently, the product will be shipped from the warehouse configured in Shopify.

Example: You have several warehouse locations configured in your Shopify store.

For instance, Location A handles orders from the United Kingdom, and Location B handles orders from the United States.

You run a TikTok store in the UK. In this situation, all your TikTok orders will be shipped from Location A when the orders are synced and processed through Shopify

Additionally, AfterShip Feed will synchronize the stock from Location A on Shopify to the TikTok Shop.

Does AfterShip Feed support multiple warehouse locations?

Yes, it does. AfterShip Feed enables you to specify a Shopify warehouse location(s)s for your TikTok Shop orders.

For more information, checkout this guide .

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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