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Set Up Order Cancellation Sync

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AfterShip Feed’s Order cancellation sync feature allows you to streamline the order cancellation sync and item restock between the eCommerce platform and TikTok Shop without visiting the other platform when an order is canceled on any platform. Configure the settings to set up how the order cancellation information will flow from your eCommerce platform to TikTok Shop and vice-versa via AfterShip Feed.

Set up order cancellation sync

Go to Settings in the AfterShip Feed admin
Select Channel settings > Cancellation sync
Select the TikTok Shop, if you have multiple TTS stores connected to AfterShip Feed.

If your eCommerce platform is Amazon, you won't see cancellation sync settings, as Amazon only support one-way cancellation synchronization (from TikTok Shop to Amazon)

AfterShip Feed offers two cancellation options.

We are taking Shopify as an example. The process is the same for other eCommerce platforms as well.

a. Shopify to TikTok Shop

There are instances where merchants cannot fulfill or ship orders and consequently have to cancel them. Let’s say the order is placed on TikTok Shop. If the feature is enabled, the merchants can simply cancel the order on Shopify and based on the settings, AfterShip Feed will sync the order cancellation and the reason to TikTok Shop.

Select the checkbox for Shopify → TikTok Shop
Select the default cancellation reason from the list. This reason will be shown on the TikTok Shop order when cancellations are synced from Shopify
Click Save

Once enabled, orders canceled on Shopify will be automatically synced to TikTok Shop by AfterShip Feed.

b. TikTok Shop to Shopify

When a TikTok order is canceled by the buyer or auto-canceled by TikTok Shop, Feed will auto-cancel the corresponding Shopify order, in case the merchant has already fulfilled the order to avoid any financial losses.

TikTok Shop → Shopify option will be enabled by default
Select whether you want the canceled item to be restocked on Shopify or not

Once set up, if a TikTok Shop order is canceled by the buyer or auto-canceled by TikTik Shop, the corresponding Shopify order will be automatically canceled by AfterShip Feed.

As Shopify does not support customized cancel reasons, AfterShip Feed will fill in as Other rather than the original TikTok cancel reason in the changelogs.


Since in both the cases the order is placed on TikTok Shop, the refund will be initiated and paid by TikTok Shop.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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