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Learn More About Payment Method Mapping

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Our latest update offers payment method mapping support, allowing you to have precise insights into your TikTok Shop order's payment method within your eCommerce platform. In this article, we'll explain how the payment mapping can be configured in your AfterShip Feed admin and how the payment method is reflected in your order details for Shopify post setup. Read on to find out how these changes can enhance your order management.

Set up payment method mapping

Go to Settings in your AfterShip Feed admin
Click Order sync > Payment method mapping under Order sync rules

We offer the order payment method/payment gateway name customization of your Shopify orders.

By default, we will sync payment methods from TikTok Shop to eCommerce stores

When the order payment method is empty, we will use the fallback payment method, which is TikTok payments by default. You can modify the payment gateway name, if need be.

If you wish to customize the name of the payment method/payment gateway of your upcoming Shopify orders, select the second option and input the desired name.

All your upcoming TTS orders will be synced with this customized payment method name, allowing you to separate the sales from TikTok Shop from the total sales on Shopify.

Updated on: 22/12/2023

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