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How to Reauthorize AfterShip Feed Access for TikTok Shop

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The authorization to access and manage TikTok Shop data for integrated apps and services can be granted for a maximum period of one year. Once it expires, users need to reauthorize the apps and services. The data of the users remains unaffected following reauthorization.

How to reauthorize apps and services

Go to Growth > Apps & Services in the TikTok Shop Seller Central admin
Select the service you want to reauthorise, in this case, AfterShip Feed. Click Renew

Select the checkbox confirming sharing TikTok Shop Data with AfterShip and hit Confirm to install
Read through the conditions and click Authorise
Please wait for the countdown to finish and redirect to the AfterShip Feed admin

[Optional] After redirecting to the AfterShip Feed, you may encounter the following scenario: If you have multiple organizations, please select the currently connected one.

Once your store is connected, you will be taken to the AfterShip Feed admin

Reach out to our support team for any additional assistance.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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