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Announcement: New Pricing and Tiers

Starting August 1st, 2024, we are excited to announce some significant changes to our pricing plans.

At AfterShip, we understand that your business is not just a venture you operate but a passion you pursue daily. That’s why we are constantly evolving and growing to meet your evolving needs and offer you the best possible experience.

Starting August 1st, 2024, AfterShip Feed is introducing a new pricing structure with carefully curated tiers that aim to offer you more flexibility, choice, and a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences and business requirements.

These adjustments are set in motion to more accurately reflect the value you get from the tool and to make room for great new expansion features coming your way.

Introducing a new pricing model

To cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers, we have done a complete overhaul of our existing pricing model and introduced three new pricing plans organized around the level of service and access to order quotas, affiliate marketing, and advanced customer support.

Pricing planPackage inclusions
StarterPerfect for new sellers looking to kickstart their TikTok Shop business in a specific market, the Starter plan will aim at facilitating seamless business operations with limited TikTok Shop order quotas with ample room for expansion. You will have access to AfterShip Feed’s automated product listings capabilities with 100% accuracy, automatic order synchronization and fulfillment between eCommerce platforms, and access to AfterShip’s 24/7 online support and a detailed onboarding guide for quick troubleshooting and setup.
GrowthPerfect for sellers aiming to expand their business and find more affiliates, the Growth plan will allow businesses to scale operations in different regions, increase GMV, and expand sales channels with increased order quotas and multiple TikTok Shop integration capabilities. The soon-to-be-launched features like automated affiliate management and campaign analytics aim to further enhance overall business performance with the pool of affiliates to promote your business.
EnterprisePerfect for large organizations that need scalable and tailored solutions to streamline their operations, the Enterprise plan offers a wide range of premium features, with dedicated onboarding support and white glove services. Enjoy customizable integrations with your existing returns management solutions, advanced cyber security measures, and regular consultations with industry experts to stay ahead of industry trends.

New pricing and tiers

We are also introducing new paid support packages in three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise.

New support plans

Full comparison of AfterShip Feed Plans 1.0 and 2.0

Pricing 1.0Pricing 2.0
Free planService will be discontinued on August 1st, 2024Free plan will not be available and customers will have to purchase one of the paid plans
TikTok Shop orders quota Free - 10Starter - 10
Essentials - 100-5,000 ENT - 30,000+Growth - 1,000
Pro - 500-30,000ENT - 1,000+
ENT - 30,000+
Supports pay-as-you-goNoYes
TikTok Shop connectionUnlimitedStarter plan → 1 TikTok Shop and 1 selling region (US or UK)
Growth and ENT plan → Multiple TikTok Shops and multiple regions for selling
Order quota calculationBased on the amount of TikTok Shop orders syncedBased on the amount of TikTok Shop orders (irrespective of how many are orders synced, canceled, or not)
Order syncing disabling NoYes, there will be an individual setting on the AfterShip Feed admin to disable order syncing
eCommerce platform integrationsAllStarter and Growth plan → All platforms except SFCC and Magento2
ENT plan → All platforms
Other available online features (except whitelist features)ENT, Pro > Essentials > Free (The availability of online features is subject to the type of plan the customer had paid for)All (No difference between Starter, Growth and ENT plan)
ServiceFree, Essentials, and Pro plan → Basic support, need to pay for advanced supportStarter and Growth plan → Basic support, need to pay for advanced support
ENT plan → Enterprise supportENT plan → Enterprise support

Advantages of pricing plans (2.0) compared to the original plans (1.0)

Pay-as-you-go: Customers no longer need to predict their TikTok Shop order volume or select a quota level. You pay for what you use. At the end of the billing cycle, if your order quota exceeds the prescribed limit, you'll have to pay a surcharge for only those extra orders.

Stop order syncing: Users who are already integrated with FBT (Fulfilled by TikTok) or ShipStation can disable order syncing to prevent duplicate order syncing and avoid inventory deductions on their eCommerce platform.

Additional features for Essentials Plan customers: Essential Plan subscribers will have access to all current Pro Plan features in the new pricing model.


1. How is the order quota calculated?

The order quota is calculated based on the total number of orders processed through the merchant's TikTok Shop store during the billing cycle.

Special case: Should the user link their TikTok Shop after the billing cycle has begun, we will also take into account TikTok Shop orders generated from the beginning of the billing cycle up to the time when the TikTok Shop connection was established in the billing.

2. How can new users disable order syncing?

There are two places within the AfterShip Feed admin where new customers can disable the order sync functionality.

1. App onboarding: Sync settings

On the AfterShip Feed homepage, once you are finished connecting your eCommerce store and TikTok Shop store(s), the last step of the process is to configure your sync settings to ensure that products and orders can be synced between your eCommerce and TikTok Shop stores easily.

One of the sync settings is the Auto-sync order feature. Shift the toggle to the left under order settings to disable the automatic order syncing from your TikTok Shop store to your eCommerce platform.

App onboarding

2. Channel settings

You can also disable the automatic order syncing under the Channel settings > Order sync > Order sync rules in your AfterShip Feed admin.

In both places, the setting will be enabled by default.

Channel settings

3. Will we provide the option to stop order syncing for merchants using the existing plans (Essentials, Pro, or ENT)?

We do not provide the option to disable the order syncing for users on the Pricing 1.0 plans because there we charge customers based on orders synced from their TikTok Shop to the eCommerce platform. Therefore, they will need to upgrade to the 2.0 plans to access this feature.

4. How can public-term customers purchase advanced support?

Navigate to the Need help card and select Upgrade to advanced support within AfterShp Feed admin.

Upgrade to advanced support

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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