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How Should I Set My TikTok Shop Before Syncing My Products and Orders

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TikTok Shop requires you to take care of certain set ups and configuration to ensure smooth selling, shipping, and delivery of your TikTok Shop products.

Make sure you have a registered TikTok Shop account (based on the country your are selling from

Set your eCommerce platforms' (BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, Shopify), and TikTok Shop stores’ currency based on the country you are selling from. If you are from UK, set the currency as Pound Sterling (GBP)

If your eCommerce platform stores' currency differs from the currency you’ve set for your TikTok Shop, data synchronization would be stopped.

In your TikTok Shop Seller Center, set your Delivery Areas within the store registered country (United Kingdom/ United States) and create Shipping Rules accordingly

Shipping options: Manage carriers, delivery options and the invoice generation method
Shipping fees template: Set up shipping fees template to configure shipping rates based on product weight and dimensions and the warehouse from which the products will be delivered

Configure Warehouse/ pick-up and return locations

Go to My Account > Account settings > Warehouse settings

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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