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Configure FBT (Fulfilled by TikTok) Orders Sync Rules

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When merchants opt for the Fulfilled by TikTok (FBT) shipping service, TikTok automatically takes care of inventory management and new order processing. As a result, these FBT orders follow a different syncing process than non-FBT orders.

AfterShip Feed supports various options for merchants to customize their experience. They can choose whether FBT orders should be synced to their eCommerce store and decide if the inventory of those items should be deducted accordingly or wait for FBT order status to update to "awaiting collection" before syncing to their eCommerce platform. This flexibility allows merchants to streamline their operations and seamlessly integrate TikTok's fulfillment services into their existing business workflows.

Configure FBT orders sync rules

Go to Order sync settings in your AfterShip Feed admin
Move down to the Sync rules for FBT (fulfilled by TikTok Shop) orders section

To optimize operations, you can opt for one of the following options.

a. Sync to {ecommerce_platform} and deduct inventory

Platforms: All platforms

This option will be selected by default
The FBT orders will be immediately synced to the {ecommerce_platform} as soon as they are placed on TikTok Shop
The status of the FBT orders at the time of sync will be Awaiting shipment
The item will be deducted from the inventory as soon as the order is synced to the {ecommerce_platform}
Shopify merchants can tag FBT orders in Shopify by customizing the order tag

b. Do not sync to Shopify until the order status shifts to "awaiting collection" and do not deduct inventory

Platforms: Shopify

Only TikTok Shop orders with status Awaiting collection will be synced to Shopify
For FBT orders that are not yet updated to Awaiting collection status, AfterShip Feed will create an order in the Orders section with Blocked status, until the FBT order status is updated to Awaiting collection
Once the order status is updated to Awaiting collection, the same will be synced to Shopify with Fulfilled status
The Shopify inventory will not be adjusted to accommodate the items purchased on TikTok
The TikTok Shop inventory will be updated based on the items in the FBT order
Shopify merchants can tag FBT orders in Shopify by customizing the order tag

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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