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Add Required Product Fields Before Syncing Them to TikTok Shop

Why do I need to add the required product fields?

TikTok Shop, as a marketplace platform (think of Amazon), has its own requirements for uploading a new product and listing it to customers. The requirements might differ for different eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

For now, TikTok Shop requires every product to have weight, length, width, and height values so that a better customer experience is guaranteed. For the same reason, a size chart is required for the products under the clothing category, and product certification files are required for some products under certain categories. If these required fields are missing, the products are unable to be synced automatically to the TikTok Shop store. (Imagine you upload the same product manually from TikTok Seller Center and can not pass the checklist to submit the product).

Even though TikTok Shop has these strict requirements on product information, you may not have this information on your eCommerce platform store admins, or you even can not edit some product fields information, such as product height on your eCommerce platform.

This is why we have added the "Add required product fields" feature in the Automizely Feed app.

How to find the feature

There are two ways you can edit the required fields for the product you need.

The first is from the "Product center" page. By clicking the "Product center" option in the navigation bar, you will enter the page.

On this page, you will see a list of products that have been created with category mapping. Please note that only the products you have mapped to TikTok Shop categories will be displayed in the list.

You can find the product you need to edit by searching the product name or selecting the product category from eCommerce platforms.

Click on a product, and you will see a modal window that describes the product details and which fields you need to enter.

Weight, length, width, and height are needed for all the products. If the values are already added on eCommerce platforms, and our app has fetched them, they will be shown on the table and will be marked as from "Shopify" or from "BigCommerce" in the Source column of the table.

If they are not added on eCommerce platforms, the value will be left empty, and you need to fill them accordingly before syncing the product to TikTok Shop.

For products under certain categories, size, chart, and product certification fields will be displayed, and you need to upload images/files for these fields.

As we mainly choose what products to sync on the "Product syncing" page, our app will detect whether all the required fields are entered before you sync those products to TikTok Shop. So on the "Product syncing" page, you can find the second way to add the required product fields.

For all the products which need required fields, a line of text would be displayed below the product name to help you easily notice it. By clicking "Edit product," you will see the modal that describes the product details and which fields you need to enter.

How to enter the product fields

For all the products, you need to enter weight, length, width, and height.

For certain categories, like clothing and suits, you need to upload a size chart image.

For certain categories, like mobile phones, you need to upload product certification files. You can upload up to 3 product certification files in image or PDF formats.

For all the products, you can add a barcode on the SKU level. Depending on the barcode type you have, choose GTIN/EAN/ISBN/UPC and enter the code with the correct format. Some products are exempted from the barcode, so you can leave them empty. But we recommend you enter these fields in order to have a better health evaluation result for your TikTok Shop.

If case of any confusion, feel free to reach out to our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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