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Why is my product “Failed review”?

What happened?

After you synced the products on AfterShip Feed, you can get them on your TikTok Shop seller center.
Most time, the first status of the products is “Suspend - Reviewing”. It means the TikTok Shop team is reviewing your products to see if they meet TikTok Shop policies.

You can check all of the suspended products here:
Products → Manage Products → Suspended → Reviewing


The review time is up to the TikTok Store team. So you can go to the TikTok Shop help center to get help if you think it takes too long.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you get “Suspended - Failed” from TikTok Shop. It says the TikTok Shop team has some suggestions about your synced products. At that time, AfterShip Feed shows you Failed review on AfterShip Feed admin.


How do I fix it?

To fix the issue, please go to your TikTok Shop seller center, then open the product edit page. The page shows you one or more warning messages.
Products → Manage Products


You can update the field value directly on the product editing page.
And If you have questions about the error, the TikTok Shop support team can help you. Just create an ticket on TikTok Shop seller center:

If the product is reviewed with success, your product is ready for sale. Also, AfterShip Feed has started to sync the price and stock of the product.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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