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Why Do My Shopify Orders Lack Customer Information?

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What occurred?

The Shopify order generated by AfterShip Feed may lack customer information or have incorrect customer information.

Why does this happen?

When the order is "shipped by seller," TikTok Shop displays the merchants the complete shipping address, shopper's name, and phone number. However, it does not include the shopper's email address.

AfterShip Feed attempts to retrieve an existing customer using the phone number while creating the order in your Shopify store. If the phone number exists in your customer list, it will be associated with the order.

If the phone number is not present in your customer list or is considered invalid (Shopify has stricter phone number requirements than TikTok Shop), the order will lack a customer.

When the order is "shipped via platform", TikTok Shop will not show the merchants the complete phone number. So, AfterShip Feed will use the default customer for all your orders.

How does AfterShip Feed handle this?

Occasionally, your warehouse requires customer information to function. To address this issue, AfterShip Feed allows you to provide a fallback email address.
If a customer cannot be created using the phone number from the TikTok order, the fallback email address will be utilized.

You can find this option in AfterShip Feed admin - Settings - Order sync - Default Customer.

Fallback email is only used when the phone number in TikTok order is incorrect. And It is important to note that the customer's name may differ from the actual shopper's name, as the email address used belongs to you.

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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