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Set Up Inventory Sync Rules

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AfterShip Feed's Inventory Sync settings allow you to manage how you would like to sync inventory quantities from your eCommerce platform to your product listings on TikTok Shop. These settings are particularly designed to help you counter the events of overselling.

To configure the inventory sync settings,

Navigate to Settings > Channel settings in the AfterShip Feed admin.
Enable Inventory Sync by shifting the toggle to the right.

Under Inventory sync settings you can configure the following rules.

Quantity: This represents a percentage (%) of your eCommerce platform's available inventory to be synced to TikTok Shop listings.

If you have set the Quantity should be 90% of the available inventory and the available inventory is 100, the quantity on TikTok Shop will be shown as 90 (90% of 100)

Out-of-stock threshold: When a product's available inventory drops to the configured threshold value, its quantity on TikTok Shop will be 0.

Apply the Continue selling when out of stock setting from {eCommerce_platform} : This option represents that when a product on your eCommerce platform is set to “Continue selling when out of stock”, the threshold value rules will be overridden. The quantity on the TikTok Shop will be shown as 99,999.

This option is not available for Amazon and Wix.


Amazon: Amazon does not provide configurable options for this. Therefore, Feed will consistently synchronize the actual inventory from Amazon to TTS.

Wix: When merchants enable backorders on Wix, the platform's policy sets actual inventory to 0. Consequently, Feed will adhere to the previous rule and sync 99,999 to TTS.

Configure “Continue selling when out of stock” in your eCommerce store

Magento 2
Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Go to Products in your Shopify admin.
Select a product to open its details page.
Move to the Inventory section and select the checkbox for these options.

a. Track quantity
b. Continue selling when out of stock

Save the changes.

Magento 2

Go to Catalog > Products in your Magento 2 admin.
Search or select a product. Click Edit to open its details page.

Click Advanced inventory > Backorders [global]
Unselect Use Config Settings checkbox.
Click the downward arrow and select Allow Qty below 0 or Allow Qty below 0 and Notify Customer.
Save the changes.


Go to Products > View in your BigCommerce admin.
Click on a product to open its details page.
Move to Inventory from the sidepanel and select Do not track.


Go to Products > All products in your WooCommerce admin.
Click on a product to open its details page.
Move to Product data > Inventory.
Either Unselect the checkbox for Track stock quantity for this product or select Track stock quantity for this product and then select Do not allow option for Backorders.

Saleforce Commerce Cloud

Log in to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance.
Navigate to Business Manager, which is the administration interface for SFCC.
​​Go to the product catalog where your items are listed.
Locate the product you want to configure backorder handling rules for.
Select the product and navigate to its details or edit screen.
Move to Pre-order/Backorder Handling and select None.


Log in to your PrestaShop admin dashboard.
Go to the Catalog menu in the left sidebar and click on Products.
Find the product for which you want to configure the quantity and click on it to edit.
You should see a field labeled Quantities on the product edit page. Scroll down to Availability preferences and select Allow orders for Behavior when out of stock.
Save your changes.

Warehouse locations

Only supported for Shopify merchants

The active Shopify warehouse locations and inventory synchronization aids in managing product availability and displaying accurate stock quantities to customers on TikTok Shop.

The choice between synchronizing all active warehouse locations or specific active locations in Shopify determines how much quantity of an item is available for sale on TikTok Shop.

You can choose between

All active warehouse locations of Shopify: This implies that all warehouse locations that are active within Shopify contribute to the inventory synchronization on TikTok Shop.
Specific active warehouse locations: Alternatively, merchants can choose specific warehouse locations whose inventory they want to synchronize with TikTok Shop. Shopify provides flexibility in selecting which warehouse locations are active and therefore eligible for inventory synchronization with TikTok Shop.

Non-Shopify customers will not get the option of warehouse locations configuration and can get in touch with the support team for further assistance on the same.

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