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Link TikTok Shop's Products to eCommerce Platform's Products

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If you have products already uploaded from TikTok Shop Seller Center and want to manage all orders from TikTok Shop on your eCommerce platform (BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, and Shopify) stores, use the all-new "Link Products" feature now. This help guide has all the details you need.

Our app will import products from your TikTok Shop. After importing successfully, you will see a separate tab called Products from TikTok Shop. This tab shows you all the products uploaded from TikTok Shop Seller Center.

After your confirmation, our app will automatically link the products listed on your TikTok Shop and eCommerce platform stores. In addition, new products uploaded on TikTok Shop will also be linked automatically. We consider SKU IDs to match products.

If two SKUs are linked together, our app will regard them as the same SKU. This will have the following effects on your product and orders.

When you edit the price and inventory of the linked products on your eCommerce platform stores, they will be updated automatically to TikTok Shop's linked products

When orders generated with the linked products on TikTok Shop, the same orders will be synced back to your eCommerce platform stores. Our app creates orders on your eCommerce platform stores for those products that are linked to the TikTok Shop's products

You can unlink any SKU according to your needs. Just click the "Unlink" button on the SKU list and confirm, the selected SKU will be unlinked straight away.

Please note that unlinking an SKU means the relationship between the two SKUs is no longer effective, which means price and inventory changes will not be updated from your eCommerce platform stores. Orders (with the unlinked SKUs) created on TikTok Shop will not be synced to your eCommerce platform stores.

If you want to link your products manually, you can choose the SKUs from TikTok Shop and click "Link". After that, a modal would appear with all the SKUs from your eCommerce platform stores. You can choose from the list to decide which SKU to link with TikTok Shop SKU.

For any help, connect with our chat support team.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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