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How do I handle “Your store currencies don’t match”?

What happened?

After you connect the eCommerce store and TikTok Shop store, AfterShip Feed (Feed For TikTok Shop) checks if your eCommerce store has the currency of the TikTok Shop store.

For example, if your TikTok Shop store region is the United Kindom, then the currency is GBP. To sync your eCommerce store products to the TikTok Shop store, your eCommerce store should support GBP currency.And if your eCommerce store has not the GBP currency, you will get the page below.

Sometimes, if your eCommerce store is built with WooCommerce, before AfterShip Feed gets the currency setting from your WooCommerce store, you also will get this page.
The time AfterShip Feed takes depends on your store's performance. So, don’t worry, just reload the page later.

How can I resolve it?

First, please check your eCommerce store currency, and see if it equals the currency the TikTok Shop store has. After you update the eCommerce store currency, AfterShip Feed will pull the setting within 1 hour. Also, you can re-install the eCommerce app to trigger it immediately.

If your eCommerce store is a WooCommerce store, and the currency is correct, please reload the Feed page later. As AfterShip Feed is pulling the currency setting from your WooCommerce store. If it has taken over 1 hour, please contact us, your store may have something wrong.

If you are using Shopify and your store has multi currencies, please upgrade your plan to the Pro plan.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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