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FAQs Related to Product Syncing

1. How should I set my TikTok Shop before syncing my products and orders?

Make sure you have a registered TikTok Shop UK account (as the United Kingdom Local Seller)

Set your BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, Shopify, and TikTok Shop stores’ currency only in Pound Sterling (GBP)

If your eCommerce platform stores' currency differs from the currency you’ve set for your TikTok Shop, data synchronization would be stopped.
In your TikTok Shop, set your Delivery Areas within the United Kingdom and create Shipping Rules.

Go to My Account > Seller Profile > Warehouse/Pick address to set your TikTok Shop’s warehouse

2. What does each product status mean when syncing products to TikTok Shop?

Check this table to learn about what statuses we show and their meaning:

StatusStatus description
Not syncedWhen a category mapping gets done for any product, it gets a “Not synced” status by default.
Failed to syncSynchronization fails when the required product field is missing or invalid. By updating the product field to the right value, you can fix the sync problem.
Under reviewWhen you sync a product to TikTok Shop, it gets reviewed by the platform. Until the status turns into “Live” on TikTok Shop, you can’t sell it.
Failed reviewThis status is shown for products rejected by the TikTok Shop platform. You can check the reason on your TikTok Shop Seller Center dashboard. In this case, you need to modify the product description and submit it for listing again.
ActiveIt means the product is synced to TikTok Shop and can be purchased by buyers.
SyncedThe product is synced to TikTok Shop, but it has been unlisted. For example, the product status is deactivated, drafted, or deleted on the TikTok Shop dashboard.

3. What product fields will be automatically updated after syncing my products?

When you sync a product to your TikTok Shop, all related product fields (e.g. product titles, images, description) get copied to the TikTok Shop.

Since we currently support a simple format for product descriptions, therefore we only copy plain text, images, and bullet points. However, rich formats like table, an ordered list, etc. get lost on TikTok Shop. Thus, we suggest checking the product description after your products are synced to the TikTok Shop and making the required modifications.

Note: We set a default value for some fields, which BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, or Shopify platforms don’t support, for successful product syncing.

Once a product is created successfully, only two product fields — Price and Inventory — would be updated automatically whenever you make changes from your eCommerce platform stores' admin. This will affect your TikTok Shop product in two ways:

If you change price and inventory from your TikTok Shop, the data would be overridden by changes you make in your eCommerce platform stores

If you modify product fields other than price and inventory, such as product name, images, etc. changes would not be updated to TikTok Shop automatically

When you change the product price and inventory on your Magento-2 store, it will take at most 15 minutes for changes to be applied on your TikTok Shop. For BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify, changes get updated immediately.
Please beware that BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, and Shopify update the inventory information a bit slow. It means you might up doing overselling.
4. What are the possible reasons for a failed order syncing?

There are situations when we fail to sync orders from TikTok Shop to your eCommerce platform stores. The most common reasons for failure are:

The ordered product has been deleted from your eCommerce platform stores
The required fields for the order syncing are either missing or invalid from TikTok Shop
The product image format, e.g. WebP, GIF, SVG, is not supported by TikTok Shop

When you see products with the status of "failed to sync", please check the failed reason shown on the product line and edit your product accordingly in your eCommerce platform stores. And then click the "Sync" button again to sync the modified products.

5. What image formats should I use when syncing my products?

TikTok Shop permits certain image formats to be used in product fields. To let you have a great experience, our app supports all the formats mandated by TikTok Shop and also converts your image files into suitable formats.

Your images will be uploaded to TikTok Shop directly if you have them in any of these formats: JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

However, our app will convert your image files into JPEG if they are in the following formats:


The format conversion would affect all the fields related to the product images.

6. How should I specify the size of my products for hassle-free shipping package management?

TikTok Shop requires you to specify the size and weight information for certain types of products. However, this is not required on platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, and Shopify. To sync products successfully on TikTok Shop, you can set the size information by editing the products.

Please beware that the shipping cost gets calculated based on the Height, Length, and Width of the product to ship it from TikTok Shop. Incorrect values may result in the incorrect shipping cost. We strongly suggest you check the size and weight information and update them on TikTok Shop Seller Center once your products are synced to TikTok Shop.
7. How to manage Product Identifier Codes for a smooth product syncing?

When you create products on TikTok Shop, you need to enter Product Identifier Codes. Though, this may not be required on BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, and Shopify store. If you skip entering Product Identifier Codes, our app will check whether the TikTok Shop category can be exempted or not. You don't need to enter Product Identifier Codes if the category can be exempted.

Otherwise, products will not sync from BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento-2, or Shopify stores to TikTok Shop. Our app will show an error message to let you know which products require Product Identifier Codes.

Here are the details on the length of digits required for different Product Identifier Codes:

GTIN: 14 digits
EAN: 8/13/14 digits
UPC: 12 digits
ISBN (only for book category): 13 digits

8. Can I sync custom variants from eCommerce platform stores to TikTok Shop?

Yes. We know that digital commerce platform support custom variants, and it is commonly used by eCommerce merchants. We support the hassle-free syncing of custom variants to TikTok Shop.

For order syncing doubts, click here or speak with our support team right away

Updated on: 06/12/2022

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