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Could I specify a warehouse in Shopify for my TikTok store?

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What is the scenario?

I have several locations in my Shopify store.

For instance, Location A handles orders from the United Kingdom, and Location B handles orders from the United States.

I now operate a TikTok store in the UK, so is it possible for me to stipulate that all TikTok orders be shipped from Location A when the orders are processed through Shopify?

Additionally, AfterShip Feed should synchronize the stock from Location A on Shopify to the TikTok Shop.

multiple locations

Does AfterShip Feed support multiple locations?

Yes, it does. AfterShip Feed enables you to specify a Shopify warehouse for a TikTok Shop store.

Once you've completed the onboarding process on AfterShip Feed, please reach out to us( and let us know which warehouse you want to use.

If you designate a Shopify warehouse, AfterShip Feed will sync the stock from that warehouse to your TikTok Shop store. Moreover, all your TikTok orders will be processed through the specified warehouse.

However, this is not absolute. If the specified warehouse doesn't have sufficient stock, the order will be processed through other warehouses.

For other platforms, we are working on it.Please reach out to us( to get the updates.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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